husky's really cool site


image of my "fursona", fekhesk
hey you! person that just landed on my home page!
i am the husky, or you can just call me husky that's what most people around here call me
i'm a gaming channel, you probably could guess that by all the different playlists and all the videos below - which you should check out and you should go watch some of them right now and possibly subscribe, that's the whole purpose of this video; i'm trying to get you to subscribe to my channel.


you see on this channel i like to call myself Dr. Heckle and Ms. Susky because i have two different sides:

i have the very professional side where i review content, i review packages, what i don't review packages? i review, like, games. i put this into an ai to generate the rest but it kept trying to say "i review porn" over and over again and i didn't want to put that on my page.
anyways, please subscribe, subscribe and subscribe; and i'll subscribe you all next time!
and of course, subscribe subscribe!

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